Another Con in the books


Phoenix Comicon 2017 was a very good time for me and Kendall.  I’m happy to report 4 full days and I made it through in good spirits the entire time.  Even Friday morning when we had to wait over 2 hours to get in.  I was happily surprised to see virtually everyone in good spirits.  Over 110K in attendance this year, and I noticed it especially on Sunday which was the most crowded Sunday I have noticed in the past 4 years we have been attending.  Being Memorial Day weekend may have influenced more attendees to come out, but there was also a full day of programming and panels too.

Phx Comicon has I think maxed out the Convention center here.  We had to wait about 15 minutes before we could go up to the third floor for the Saturday Bonnie Wright panel because the fire marshal said the third floor was at max capacity, and folks had to clear out before more could go up.   I don’t see the Con getting any smaller either.  Four years ago we had 75K, and now we are at 110K.  Hopefully they will be able to use the South Hall next year.   Would be great if there was an underground concourse between the North and South Halls.

I did not Cosplay this year, and from what I hear it is smart to put a full year into getting your outfit done right.  I did run into one dude who did the Black Knight from Monty Python’s Holy Grail, which was amusing.  He said he got used to the metal helmet he was wearing.  I was considering a paper mache helmet if I went with that idea.  But I’m just not sure what I want to do right now.

Phx Comicon H-E Double Hockeysticks

Projected wait is at least 2 hours getting in.

On a positive note we have had moments of shade and a nice breeze.

But this is a major SNAFU for everyone.   Some events this morning are paid and folks won’t make them in time.  Yesterday we walked straight in and that was amazing.  Got here an hour early to accommodate for the wait but sadly, we will miss our first workshop.

We had another hundred people in back of us in about 30 seconds after we got in line.

I’m very thankful for the hero lady who alerted the authorities and the great work of the police   .   Perhaps my frustration is the event not being able to ramp up an army of security so this could have been less miserable for everyone.

Didnt bring sunscreen and I will feel it later for sure.  But that is nothing compared to what  might have occurred yesterday with that lunatic’s intentions.   Glad everyone is here and able to if nothing else be able to complain.  Minor deal in the larger scheme of things, right?

The length of the line I am in now is prolly double of that when we entered the line.   I would guess 3 hour wait to get in for those arriving now.

And Now For Something Completely Different…

Anyone else enjoy looking through free stock photography sites and simply enjoying the great shots professionals and hobbyists are sharing?

I was looking for something and came across a couple random shots that reminded me how much I enjoy road trips with no particular agenda or time frame.   Having an Airstream would be very cool, as well as driving around the country off the beaten path.   Reminds me of my first job where I drove over 40K miles in 9 months, hitting the majority of the Midwest and Eastern seaboard.  That seems like a magical time now, looking back.

I enjoy photography, but have never given it serious attention to become a full-fledged hobby.  But I enjoy the artistry of others who do.  I found these over at, where you can get fantastic, high quality stock photos.  And – you can donate to the artists directly.  I dig the thought of more money getting into the pockets of the creators.   I am looking to support these artists, and who knows, maybe this will spark an interest in my uploading my own photos at Pexels to share with others as well.

Peace With Ourselves

Dr. Charles Stanley’s podcast message from May 18th titled “Peace With Ourselves” is outstanding.

He touches upon Psalms 34:14 – departing from evil and seeking peace.

Also Acts 24:16 – maintaining a blameless conscience before God and men.

I use the Pocket Casts app and highly recommend it for filling your mind with positive content instead of allowing your own negative self talk from shaping what you become.  Check it out.   Android Play    iTunes

 Also over at you can listen online to this message.  Peace with Ourselves Podcast

Creating Value In Others

There may be a moment where you find yourself not appreciating someone else and that could be for any number of reasons.  In those moments this becomes a joy stealer.  I’m allowing that emotion to negatively color my happiness, which can then impact my time with others, the decisions I make, and my productivity.

Thinking about it from that angle makes me realize the heavy cost of allowing my feelings about others to affect me.  There has to be a better way to handle this, if just for my sake and other things important to me which have zero to do with an individual.

My thought of a solution came down to this:  create value in that person.  Make them valuable in your own eyes.  If you believe in God, then choose to look at them as God sees them:  a valuable soul with immeasurable worth despite their shortcomings.  That can perhaps feel like I am turning my perspective upside down.  But making a decision to choose to value someone, even when you don’t ‘feel’ like it, is powerful in my experience.

And this can then change the way you interact with this person, which may set off a series of other changes which are all positive, such as you getting to know that person better and actually ‘feeling’ the value you placed on them earlier.

But even if it does nothing in that sense, you are still helping yourself to protect your own contentment, and thus enable yourself to be a ‘better’ you for everything else around you.

Praying Ahead

Andy Stanley has a great prayer that we can lift up to God either with someone else, or by ourselves, to seek out whatever challenges may lay ahead for us, and then be able to handle them as best we can:

“Heavenly Father, help us see trouble coming long before it gets here.  And then give us the wisdom to know what to do, and the courage to do it.”

When we see trouble coming – we need to Do Something.  Andy outlines 4 words to help us for upcoming troubles:

  • Take Action.  You have to do something.
  • Be ready to Sacrifice.  There may be costs to incur, but they will likely be less than ‘not’ doing something.
  • Prepare for possible Embarrassment.  People may not understand why you will be doing something because they will not have the full story.  Be okay with that.
  • Find Relief.  In taking refuge, you will not regret the benefits that come from that.

This comes from his message titled “Praying Ahead” from the “Pack Your Bags” series.

Writing Quote

This was shared by a favorite YT blogger of mine, MPJ over at FunFunFunction.

“Writing is nature’s way of exposing how sloppy your thinking is. ”  – Guindon

That is motivational to me to actually write more.  Instead of it being a waste of time (as I may view it occasionally), I can regard the act of writing as a means to help me understand my thinking and seek to correct flaws in it, which is probably a target rich environment in itself.

Nice!  Finding ways to be more positive is a good thing.