Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets


From the Sermon on the Mount study podcast of Andy Stanley’s “Who needs God?” series – he went through each one of the “B – Attitudes”.  Of particular note – “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see the kingdom of God.” and Andy explained that those who are living ‘clean’ and ‘pure’ in all that they do, have less potential for their inequity to build up blinders in their lives – which results in less than optimal decision making.

 So many times I can look back at past decisions and situations and say to myself, “How could I have been so blind?” or, “ Why didn’t I see that?  That was such a dumb thing to do.”  Now I am starting to see perhaps why I may have made certain decisions.  I was seeing them in a particular way that was colored and blurred by other ‘stuff’ going on in my life.   Stuff being areas where I was falling short in living life according to God’s guide.

This admonition to become more blameless, more ‘pure in heart,’ has impact now and to the future.  It is indeed a refreshing argument as to ‘why’ we can be doubly blessed by choosing to follow God’s guide for living instead of living according to this world’s and this culture’s set of values.  You are more blameless at judgement for your eternity (great) and also your thinking is more clear to see situations, problems, and opportunities for what they truly are.  I’m asking myself – who doesn’t want to see things as clearly as possible?  Nobody right?  Any person looking out a smudgy window, or wearing dirty glasses, or looking through an out of focus camera lens – are going to to do whatever they can to get more clarity.   I wear glasses for distance.  I love my latest prescription in fact.  My eye doc said I essentially have 10/15 vision with them.  Everything is amazingly crisp.  And I can’t stand looking them when they are dirty.  I’m addicted to having that clarity.  So – in life, I want to become addicted to having that kind of clarity about everything going on around and with me, and even with those around me and especially those I care about.

Will I ever get to a place where my ‘lenses for living’ are completely clean and clear?  I don’t think so, but I can work to get them ‘more clear’ for sure.  I can make them better, absolutely.  I am pretty sure that as long as I am alive, I will continue to find ‘opportunities’ (staying positive here) to live a more ‘clean’ life, and align my thoughts and actions to be more congruent with the timeless guide for living that Jesus laid down.  By looking at these as opportunities instead of beating myself up for not being perfect already(not possible for any of us), I can tell myself that through every new ‘optimizations’ or ‘life hacks’ I implement – I will be setting myself up for being able to see things that come before me more clearly for what they really are, and make even better decisions around them.  That is great motivation to remind myself of.

And that moves me closer to Andy Stanley’s tagline for  “Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets.”  Definitely, definitely – the direction I want to be heading in.