Phx Comicon H-E Double Hockeysticks

Projected wait is at least 2 hours getting in.

On a positive note we have had moments of shade and a nice breeze.

But this is a major SNAFU for everyone.   Some events this morning are paid and folks won’t make them in time.  Yesterday we walked straight in and that was amazing.  Got here an hour early to accommodate for the wait but sadly, we will miss our first workshop.

We had another hundred people in back of us in about 30 seconds after we got in line.

I’m very thankful for the hero lady who alerted the authorities and the great work of the police   .   Perhaps my frustration is the event not being able to ramp up an army of security so this could have been less miserable for everyone.

Didnt bring sunscreen and I will feel it later for sure.  But that is nothing compared to what  might have occurred yesterday with that lunatic’s intentions.   Glad everyone is here and able to if nothing else be able to complain.  Minor deal in the larger scheme of things, right?

The length of the line I am in now is prolly double of that when we entered the line.   I would guess 3 hour wait to get in for those arriving now.