Praying Ahead

Andy Stanley has a great prayer that we can lift up to God either with someone else, or by ourselves, to seek out whatever challenges may lay ahead for us, and then be able to handle them as best we can:

“Heavenly Father, help us see trouble coming long before it gets here.  And then give us the wisdom to know what to do, and the courage to do it.”

When we see trouble coming – we need to Do Something.  Andy outlines 4 words to help us for upcoming troubles:

  • Take Action.  You have to do something.
  • Be ready to Sacrifice.  There may be costs to incur, but they will likely be less than ‘not’ doing something.
  • Prepare for possible Embarrassment.  People may not understand why you will be doing something because they will not have the full story.  Be okay with that.
  • Find Relief.  In taking refuge, you will not regret the benefits that come from that.

This comes from his message titled “Praying Ahead” from the “Pack Your Bags” series.